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SNAPPING - an angry monkey dio

SNAPPING: That was it. They had enough. Bob had cracked his last 'barrel of monkeys' joke.

Built for Keith Goldman's 'You Control the Action' contest. Here, 'The Action' is controlled via an angry monkey chase scene.

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Winter Meeting

Two lovers from rival samurai clans meet in secret on a cold winter day.

My first genuine non-space and mecha creation. I was inspired to try my hand at building a snow scene after seeing the snowscaping in KeithLUG's Omicron Weekend, and this was the result. Originally this was supposed to include two samurai warriors meeting for a duel, but the whole thing ended up looking so peaceful and serene that I switched the model's theme to that of Love!

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AZOTH - close combat mech

Hooray for Thanksgiving holiday builds.

I've been wanting to build a humanoid mech for awhile now, and here it finally is. This is my own design, with elements inspired from various anime mech designs. This model features a working cockpit, giant boosters, and a pair of dangerous guns.

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VX-999 - Space Pirate Lair

I builded! After a year of not building anything out of Lego, I decided to try out castle, microscale, and floating rocks - all in one model!

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Ivelix - 3d mecha project
This is my third Maya modeling project. This is my own creation, with lots of inspiration from the Gelgoog and Zaku mechs from Gundam. I got a lot more modeling practice out of this, and I also learned how to do some basic rigging.

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Photoshop for Dummies

Using a cool new logo made by Nannan's friend, I used my sub-par Photoshop skillz to create a new banner and Flickr logo for Builders Lounge.

Now I am the master of 'trial-and-error blending', with some knowledge about how to create a mask. I need to take a class or do some tutorials or something.


Gasmask 3D

Here's my second Maya project for more modeling practice. I created this by looking at a few real world photos of gas masks, and then altering the designs to give the model a little bit of a space+alien feel.

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Undertow 3D
Undertow 3D - complete (rendered)
I've been learning 3d modeling using Maya, and this is my first completed mini-project, which is an attempt at creating a 3d version of Tool's Undertow album art.

The model was created mostly by extruding polygon faces along curves to create an overall polygonal model. Then I converted this to subdivs to smooth things out.

Four spotlights were used for this scene. Two for highlighting the side tentacles, one for the top-front highlight, and one above for overall lighting and shadows.

Rendered image
Polygonal version
Reference image (original album art)

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MechaHub Interview
Although I've only built a few mechs out of Lego so far, I was interviewed by Bryce of MechaHub.com, which is an excellent fan site dedicated to showcasing Lego mecha models and serving as a knowledge base for information on mecha building.

Read the interview here.

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