AZOTH - close combat mech

Hooray for Thanksgiving holiday builds.

I've been wanting to build a humanoid mech for awhile now, and here it finally is. This is my own design, with elements inspired from various anime mech designs. This model features a working cockpit, giant boosters, and a pair of dangerous guns.

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Ivelix - 3d mecha project
This is my third Maya modeling project. This is my own creation, with lots of inspiration from the Gelgoog and Zaku mechs from Gundam. I got a lot more modeling practice out of this, and I also learned how to do some basic rigging.

Click here for the full gallery.

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MechaHub Interview
Although I've only built a few mechs out of Lego so far, I was interviewed by Bryce of MechaHub.com, which is an excellent fan site dedicated to showcasing Lego mecha models and serving as a knowledge base for information on mecha building.

Read the interview here.

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NOX - Heavy Assault Mech

I finally got around to dusting off this model and taking a full set of pictures for it. I designed and built this last September for the MechaHub.com Exo-Force mecha contest.


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duster 132

duster 132
Originally uploaded by duster132
I love this guy's mechs. They're like anime mecha meets street art meets Autechre album art. Apparently he pastes up large versions of his work onto walls in Paris. Very cool.


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