Dennis added the Gallery application.
Now Facebook notification-style spam has propagated to the blog!

The gallery now has image viewing page support with album navigation links (sample). Also, I leveraged the gallery code to create a basic ASP.NET web control that generates an m x n table of randomly selected album images from the gallery. This control is now dropped into the sidebar of this blog.


It lives! After several years of my homepage partying like it was 1999, I've re-implemented my website with more current technology like CSS and uh, a blog. Yay.

Check out the new gallery that I implemented from scratch using ASP.NET. The page's code-behind will read off an XML file that contains info about my albums and pictures, and then dynamically generate page content based off that. There's still lots left to add, such as an image viewer page with buttons like 'next' and 'previous', but the basics are working.

The Queen is dead! Long live thievery.org!