Ivelix - Crusader Mech
My third Maya modeling project. This is my own creation, with lots of inspiration from the Gelgoog and Zaku mechs from Gundam. The crusades theme came to me while experimenting with stripes on the initial red model, starting out with some cross patterns and continuing on from there.

Working on this mecha gave me much more modeling practice, and I also learned how to do some basic rigging in order to make it poseable. Every body joint can be posed, including the individual joints for each finger. I also built separate weapon models to be used for the mech - the guns were created by following reference photos of a MP5 Raptor submachine gun, and the voulge was created using an image of an actual medieval polearm. The cover photos were composed using basic Photoshop.

[2007.10.21 completed]

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