AZOTH - Close Combat Mech
I've been meaning to build a humanoid mech and was recently motivated to create one after finishing my Ivelix 3D project. The overall design is my own, with elements inspired from various anime mech designs. This model features a working cockpit, giant boosters, and a pair of dangerous guns.

This uses a basic click joint frame (based on Izzo's and Nnenn's click joint frames), which was a pain due to my blocky style of building and resulting heaviness. Next time I need to build smaller or learn to build lighter.

[2007.11.20 completed, 2007.11.22 improved version]

UPDATE 2007.11.22:
The gallery is now updated with an improved version of this model. The original legs and feet were bothering me, so I rebuilt them. The legs and feet are now longer to give better proportions, the joints were hidden a bit better, and improved boosters were integrated into the leg backsides. See the comparison photo at the end of this gallery to see the differences.

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