NOX - Heavy Assault Mech
My first multiped mech, built for the Exo-Force contest. This model features hidden cannons that retract into the body. More work in progress pictures can be found on my Flickr pages.

I had been wanting to attempt a multi-legged mech and wanted to try building something different than the other multipeds I had seen. Luckily the Exo-Force contest had come up to give me some inspiration, where builders were tasked with building mechs for either the Human or Robot factions. I always like bad guys’ vehicles, so I decided to build something for the evil Robots. The Exo-Force Robots sets I had were alien-looking with black and green colors, and playing around with the initial legs frame got me thinking about bugs. This all gave me the idea to build a venemous-looking, black+green black widow mech, which I thought would fit reasonably into the Robot theme. Once the frame was setup, I started out with the inset (thanks to jumper tiles) hourglass shape and went on from there.

One of the more difficult things to figure out was about the weaponry. Since this mech was turning out to have the characteristics of a large, armored tank, I wanted to include big guns, but I wasn’t sure where to place them without detracting from the overall spider shape of the model. The solution I ended up with was to have them concealable inside the body, although I was really hoping for something larger and more exaggerated.

Oh, and I initially planned on doing eight legs for a proper spider, but I ran out of parts. Plus the legs were so chunky that I had no room for an extra pair. :)

[2006.09.30 completed, 2007.08.11 photos]

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