Vader's Hunt for the Stolen Plans
From Star Wars Episode IV. This is my first vignette, built for an contest. This depicts the movie's opening sequence of Darth Vader's hunt for the stolen Death Star plans, as Princess Leia attempts to keep them safe.

I was originally planning on just building Darth Vader's entrance, since Darth Vader has been one of my favorite characters since childhood, and this scene is one that I loved the most (well, there's also the following scene where he chokes the rebel...). After going through the scene many times to pick out the details from the movie, the idea popped in my head to combine this with the Leia+R2(+3P0) scene to try to convey the entire story sequence. The tricky part was to build this such that the whole thing didn't look like two vigs slapped together. So I tried to build both the top and bottom with the same Tantive IV hallway styling, and I also attempted to give the whole thing an interesting overall shape so that the vig didn't look like a giant block.

The whole thing took about 2 weeks to figure out what I was going to build, a full day to build and revise the details, and several hours to do the pics.


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