These are things I've designed and built with Lego bricks since picking them up again in 2005 after many, many years.
SNAPPING - an angry monkey dio
As deadly as a barrel of monkeys.
Winter Meeting
It's not space or mecha!
AZOTH - Close Combat Mech
Better than Voltron.
VX-999 - Space Pirate Lair
There's no place like home.
NOX - Heavy Assault Mech
Lions and tigers and uh, spiders! Oh my!
RXS-7 - R-Wing Class Gunship
Squeeze the trigger.
Vader's Hunt for the Stolen Plans
A vignette. AKA "Artoo, where the heck are you?"
SKAM - Anti-Personnel Combat Robot
Great for the battlefield, crowds of unruly citizens, and annoying neighbors.
BAAL - Artillery Mech
Thank you, please drive-thru.
Izanami's Revenge
Arr! This be a space pirate ship!
NEITH Starfighter (6208 alt)
Alternate model for the B-Wing 6208 set.
Barrow-Wight - Imperial Voidfighter
Imperial stealth fighter built for the Voidfighter contest.
Blue Crush
Blue Crush the hover-racer, not the cheesy surfer girl movie.
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